Dear Canada

Dear Concerned Canadian,

Do things feel off to you? Have they felt wrong for a while now? Ask yourself: Are things getting better, or do they seem to be deteriorating? You might sense that something isn’t quite right, but you’re not sure what it is or what you can do about it.

In an era dominated by endless scrolling, the length of an article might deter us. Our attention spans have been systematically shortened—a development crafted by design to keep us disengaged from matters requiring critical thought.

However, if there was ever a time to break that pattern, it is now. This isn’t just another article; this could be the most important piece you ever read. It delves into the root causes of our societal challenges—and what you can personally do to effect real change.

The Crisis at Hand:

Canada is broken, and anyone paying attention can feel it. There is an organized effort to destroy not only our nation but also many developed countries worldwide. People are overwhelmed by scandals, leading many to check out and lose hope. The media has turned neighbor against neighbor, distracting and dividing us so we can’t focus on the real issues. No political party will save us, and we can’t vote our way out of this mess. What we need is drastic change.

We face outrageous taxes, a crumbling healthcare system, and a national debt that’s ballooning out of control. Misguided policies have turned our housing market into a tool for international investors, leaving many Canadians without homes while properties sit vacant.

A Call to Action:

The time for passivity is over. Ignoring these problems will only deepen our crises. We must reclaim our political system, demand accountability from our leaders, and insist on policies that reflect the real needs of Canadians.

Are you ready to make a difference? Will you join us in turning the tide? This is about more than reading; it’s about awakening and taking action. Let this be the moment you choose to engage, understand, and share. Let this be the moment you decide to stand up and act.

Resources for Change:

Ignoring these critical issues won’t make them disappear. That’s why we created the Compass Series—to guide you through understanding systemic problems and identifying those responsible. The Humanity Awakened Series follows, offering actionable steps you can take today. Change begins with awareness, but it is fueled by action.

Explore AwakeApparel to access comprehensive resources on what we need to do to save Canada—and potentially the world. Discover insights into systemic problems and who’s behind them, and learn specific, actionable steps you can take today.

Together, we can reshape our society into one that truly reflects the values and needs of all Canadians. It starts with you. It starts with us all.

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